I started taking yoga at a local gym in Chicago looking for an additional way to stay fit and increase flexibility. As a professional dancer these were obviously very important to me.

I remember one day specifically I was going through the practice as usual, but when I reached savasana (the final relaxation pose) I had this overwhelming feeling of contentment…that I had never felt before…in my entire life.

It was the first time I realized that I didn’t hate my body or feel like I needed to change it in some way for it to be acceptable. I recognized that I had never before felt completely satisfied – just the way I was.

I was completely unconscious of how much energy and time I had been spending hating myself! For at least a decade I had really struggled with body image and unhealthy eating patterns.

During savasana that day I basically ‘woke’ up. It set me up on a track towards wholeness…towards getting back in touch with my true self (that part deep within you that is always content, peaceful, unchanging and unaffected by societal pressures). What’s great is…it’s always there…it’s just that we often lose touch with it as we age.

Once I learned how to extend my awareness and acceptance of myself off the mat and into my life, yoga helped me both become more aware of and heal my disordered eating habits and negative body image. It essentially rewired my thoughts and, in turn, my habits. I had no idea this was even possible! I truly thought I was doomed to live in a body I disliked and feel like a failure for not being able to change it.

Yoga has led me on a fascinating journey towards loving myself more fully, loving others more fully, and essentially loving and participating in life more fully. This is why I am so passionate and delighted to share this simple yet brilliant practice with others.

Your innate potential awaits!