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Many businesses now offer yoga to their employees.  These days no one can argue the fact that practicing yoga and mindfulness can effectively manage stress, increase productivity, reduce repetitive strain injuries, boost energy levels, and develop greater focus and concentration.

I’d also like to argue that it creates happier employees with less aches and pains AND due to yoga’s ability to boost the immune system maybe even less sick days!

Your class will be designed specifically for the needs and challenges of office work such as:

  • lengthening the hamstrings and hip flexors
  • strengthening postural muscles
  • relieving tension in the neck and shoulders
  • addressing carpal tunnel symptoms
  • improving focus & concentration
  • managing stress
  • boosting energy & mood

How much does it cost to have yoga at work?

Your first trial class is offered free of charge. Subsequent classes are $200 per hour and typically last between 1-1.5 hours.

Contact me at
or call 510-306-2048 for questions and scheduling.