The best way to keep our joints happy and healthy is to move them.

Motion is Lotion – it’s as simple as that!

Sounds so easy, but why don’t most of us do it? Unfortunately, it is counter to our modern office culture of sitting at a desk all day. We even expect school children to sit at a desk all day!

Although many companies/schools are getting hip to offering yoga or other movement practices for their employees and students, most people are still sitting at their desk all day without taking the necessary breaks needed for movement.

It’s a smart move since research clearly shows that employees/students will be more productive, focused, creative, and will communicate more effectively when they are encouraged to move and focus in on their breath.

Joint mobilization will clear out the cobwebs or the FUZZ and increase the lubricating fluid (synovial fluid) that transports nutrients to the joint cartilage. It is essential for healthy joints.

With joint mobilization comes improved circulation of blood and lymph, muscle coordination, and therefore reduction of joint degeneration. It can improve or maintain range of motion, which is crucial as we age. If we lose range of motion it becomes easier for us to lose balance and even fall. Our body won’t be able to make the necessary quick adjustments to stop ourselves before landing.

Loss of range of motion can even impact our breath. When we move it triggers an area of the brain that deals with respiration. If we don’t move regularly and we start to lose range of motion we can even lose our ability to take full deep nourishing breaths.

If we are looking at movement from a joint perspective, all we really need to do is take our body through it’s full range of motion everyday.

Take a movement break:

Starting from your feet tune into your body and notice all the different directions you can move your joints. Be creative and gently move them in their full range of motion without pain. You can try this is the morning when you wake up or anytime when you can tell your body/mind needs a movement break.

Take a moment afterward to acknowledge how you feel, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The more in touch we are with the body/mind the more likely we are to listen and respond to it’s needs on a daily basis.

To assist you in this practice I recorded a 20 minute Joint Mobilization Sequence for It’s very helpful if you feel like you need someone to guide you.

Another great way to get movement and circulation into all the little areas of your body is to get a massage! I highly recommend Odessa Avianna Perez if you are in the bay area.